Corporate Social Responsibility

Having a corporate social responsibility policy that actually works


Our transport and recycling services and the way in which we deliver those services are of key importance to us.

That's where our CSR policy comes in.

Lots of people depend upon our business being a success. Our employees, our customers, our suppliers and the local and wider community are all affected by what we do and how we do it.

Our approach to CSR isn't about mounting an expensive PR exercise or being "right on". Sound CSR to us simply means Whitkirk employees taking a responsible attitude and following straightforward moral and ethical principles in all areas that apply to our business.

  • Whitkirk monitors how it treats it employees. For us this means more than simply complying with minimum employment law. It's about building firm relationships with employees, offering them an exciting career path in return for a fair employment package.
  • Responsible dealing with only pre-approved suppliers.
  • Having a sound Environmental Policy that works.
  • Operating a ZERO pollution policy.
  • Providing a full audit trail of all wastes handled.

We accept that people want to do business with a company that they respect and trust and we see CSR as part of a continuing process of building long-term added value to our customers.

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