Organic land recycling service to farmers

Our organic recycling to agricultural land service is especially suited to manufacturers and waste producers in the food and drinks industry. It is widely seen as a sustainable, cost effective and sound environmental choice to make.  And rightly so.

Typically, the non-hazardous liquid wastes produced by these industries (once laboratory analysed and proven to have an agricultural benefit to land) can be recycled in a very sustainable and cost effective way as opposed to other disposal routes.

  • Environmentally responsible disposal route
  • Sustainable closed loop recycling
  • Competitive, cost effective disposal route over other methods
  • Valuable source of organic fertiliser in NPK
  • Both farmer and waste producer benefit
  • Soil structure aeration
  • Waste acts as an organic soil conditioner to improve crop production

Recycling in this way is seen as a very positive environmental choice by the producer as the waste acts as an organic soil conditioner and a rich source of organic fertiliser. This is a win-win situation for both the farmer - who no longer has to apply costly manufactured chemicals and fertilisers to his land to improve it's condition for crops - and also to the waste producer, who is making a very positive and sustainable choice in the disposal route for their waste.

Pichon & Tractor

By recycling in this way, Whitkirk provides a professional and environmentally sound, sustainable and cost effective disposal option to waste producers.

The area of land spreading is heavily licenced and regulated by the Environment Agency (or SEPA in Scotland) and we are fully licenced and have the necessary deployments and permits issued by the Environment Agency to carry out this work.

We also have the crucial experience in operating field sites throughout the UK and operate only premium tractors and injection systems using experienced and trained operatives. As farmers ourselves, we understand the red tape and the ever more demands being placed on farmers to adhere to environmental legislation. We adhere to the CoGAP (Code for Good Agricultural Practice for Farmers and Landowners) guidelines laid down by DEFRA.

We'll help you meet your responsibilities

Any farm staff or contractors on farms who handle, store, use, spread or dispose of any substances that could pollute water, soil or air should be aware of their responsibilities and know about the causes and results of pollution. They should know how and when to operate and maintain the equipment they use, and know what to do in an emergency. The CoGAP provides an important point of reference, based around the main operations that farmers, growers and land managers might undertake: the advice covers activities carried out in the field, but also management plans, farm infrastructure and waste management. With the Whitkirk service, you can be assured that all that relevant legislation is adhered to.

With a zero-pollution policy, we aim to operate this vital service to local farmers with the minimum impact to the local or wider environment or to any nearby residents. We work pro-actively to ensure that all stakeholders needs in this process are met.

Organic Recycling and Effluent Treatment for agricultual businesses

The key elements of using Whitkirk's organic recycling service as opposed to other contractors are:

  • Crucial experience in varying product handling ie. fluctuating temperatures, densities etc.
  • Cost effective and environmentally sustainable
  • Large volume storage facilities to ensure continuity of service
  • Extensive land banks
  • Knowledgeable and experienced team
  • Premium equipment
  • Confidence in your ability to keep production running without costly stoppages
  • One point of contact for tankering and recycling
  • Full accountability and audit trail
  • Providing a valuable service to local farmers
  • Total peace of mind

To see how Whitkirk's organic land recycling service can work for your bsuiness,
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