Anaerobic Digestion (AD) feedstock supply

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Anaerobic digestion (AD) technology is the breakdown of organic material by micro-organisms in the absence of oxygen. AD produces biogas, a methane-rich gas that can be used as a fuel, and digestate, a source of nutrients that can be used as a fertiliser. Increasingly AD is being used to make the most of our waste by turning it into renewable energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser.

The material that is used in the anaerobic digestion process is called feedstock. What goes into a digester determines what comes out, so careful choice of feedstocks is essential. 

Securing a reliable feedstock supply is fundamental to profitable AD and if feedstocks are to be bought from an third party securing a long-term contract on acceptable terms is critical.

Food and drinks industry waste

Whitkirk is very well placed within the food and drinks industry sector to secure and supply feedstocks to AD plants in Yorkshire, the North East and UK wide AD plants.

Around 16 million tonnes (Mt) of post-farm gate food and drink waste arises annually in the UK. Around half of this is waste is from households, the rest mostly comes from manufacturers, retail, hospitality, other businesses and the public sector.

The most environmentally preferable treatment options for food waste are usually AD or composting. AD is generally preferable because it produces both renewable energy and a biofertiliser, which together do more to offset GHG emissions than producing compost.

Our portfolio of customers, who are large food and drinks industry manufacturers facilitates an impressive ability to supply big volumes of feedstocks, all of which have been laboratory tested confirming their suitability for AD.

We also have a sound supply of animal and farm slurries, crops grown for energy production, waste vegetables and toppings and sewage sludge which also assist in providing the right 'mix' for any AD plant.

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